How I Tell My Story in the Game

I wanted to write about the methods I have chosen and combined to tell my story in the Circle of Friends. These methods are inspired by Braid, Loneliness (art flash game), Miss Management.

  • Main Story
    The main story is written by me, and will be communicated with the player through the achievements system. Normally achievements are unrelated in casual games, for example in Jetpack Joyride. First you have to high five all the researchers, and then you have to run them over.
    In my game the achievements are related, even chronologically set up. Before the player heads in a chapter (aka level), she can overview the achievements that can be achieved in this chapter. They have to adjust their gameplay strategy to achieve the specific achievement. I am not forcing the player: by making it an achievement, players will soon be motivated to achieve them. If they don’t, they’ll still be told a story through the side-stories: the story events.
  • Story Events
    The story events are very dynamic events in the game that can be interpreted how the player likes to. Each character in the game has a Stay and Exit event. These events will be activated when they exit the circle, of when a certain high score is reached and this friend is still present.
    It’s all up to the player which event from which character will be activated. When the player knows Stay events will be activated when reaching certain high scores, they’ll hopefully be motivated to play to break their high score.
    Story events challenge the player by changing up the gameplay. For example, you are forced to play in a small circle.
  • Chapter Overview
    Before the player heads into a chapter, they first see the Chapter Overview. This is an introduction to the chapter, and will also give an overview of the upcoming available achievements. The picture of the chapter overview and the descriptions of the achievements will continue telling the story and setting the stage.
  • Character Overview
    During the game I don’t have time or space to explain to the player what the pro’s and con’s are of each character, so that’s why she has to read it herself outside of the game at the Character Overview.
    This overview is designed playfully and achievement-like: at the start menu all known characters (so achieve that you met all characters) float around the start button. If you tap one, they will bloat and and reveal information about the character, including their pro’s and con’s, traits, and a little bit background information. This is to sketch an image of the character for the player.
    The player can playfully switch between characters by tapping them.

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